The One and Only Zachary Oscar

By Susie Herman-Livingstone, Ed.S

Illustrated by Jeff Livingstone DVM

The One and Only Zachary Oscar is a true story about our beloved “son”, Zach [half Basset hound, half Pomeranian] and takes you through his funny, mischievous, incredible and sometimes sad life which unfortunately includes a diagnosis of lymphoma. The book deals with social and emotional issues related to being abandoned, adoption, looking different and being appreciated for the differences, special needs coupled with special skills and the grieving process through the eyes of Zach and the family who loves him. The many “kid friendly” illustrations are connected with text to create a perceptually clear format for children and capture Zach in a way that only someone who knew and loved him could. In addition, the illustrations are viewed from Zach’s perspective [the reader never sees the family], to allow for cultural, religious, and socio-economic diversity. It approaches life issues with honesty and hope as well as addresses children’s fears and concerns.

Although, at first glace, The One and Only Zachary Oscar appears to capture a limited audience, it has been used collaboratively by Susie and Jeff in adult training sessions on grief as well as during community outreach programs for children. The book was well received with laughter and tears by both adults and children. The over 30 year collaboration of a veterinarian/medical consultant and an educational specialist, who have spent lifetimes in their perspective fields, hopefully gives this book a sense of underlying professional credibility.

We have created a presentation for children’s book stores, hospitals and grieving groups complete with a slide show reading and activity based games and activities developed to coincide with the book.

This book can be purchased on or at the clinic. We will sign copies upon request.

ISBN: 978-0-9833498-0-8

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