Pet Care Resources

Pain Information

How to tell if your dog or cat is in pain


Animal Health Information

Veterinary Information Network

The American Animal Hospital Association’s resource for pet owners

Referral Services

Dermatology for Animals

Eye Care for Animals

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center


Feral Cat Spay/Neuter

Animal Humane

New Mexico Animal Friends



Animal Humane | New Mexico
Adoptions and Training


Boxer Rescue de Albuquerque

Western Border Collie Rescue

New Mexico Dachshund Rescue

Bro and Tracy Animal Welfare

New Mexico Animal Friends


Albuquerque Cat Action Team

Lap Dog Rescue


Wildlife and Sanctuaries

Wildlife Rescue of New Mexico
Education and wildlife rehabilitation

Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary

Eldercare and Hospice for Dogs, Horses and Poultry

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