Overview of Staff Training

Del Norte Animal Clinic is a teaching facility associated with the pre-vet advisor, Bruce Hopkin Ph.D, at the University of New Mexico. We hire biology majors with competitive grade point averages who are interested in pursuing a career as a veterinarian. We provide a minimum of 80 hours of training under the supervision of a mentor and doctor in the area of professionalism and technical skills. Additional training is required to be certified to clean teeth under a doctor’s supervision, assist in surgery, and become proficient in performing receptionist skills. Since the beginning of this program, all employee who have decided to apply to vet school have been accepted. This program has branched out to a 2nd program that encourages and mentors employees who have completed the above training and are interested in furthering their knowledge base in veterinary medicine to receive a degree as a veterinary technician through AAHA. All employees are encouraged to move through a learning process that begins by being mentored and continues full circle when they have the skills necessary to mentor new employees.

We also have an office manager who has educational specialist degree and administration licensure from the University of New Mexico. She assumes all human resources responsibilities including:

  • Hiring, evaluating and developing action plans
  • Establishing and developing training programs for interns, employees, and mentors
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Creating and developing “hands on” curriculum for in-house professional development and teaching opportunities
  • Creating a self sufficient work place through organizing, labeling and developing protocols
  • Arranging scheduling regarding work shifts and rotation of daily skills


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